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Spread is the difference between the sell and buy rates in trading; it is also the way Forex brokers earn money in exchange for providing trading services to their traders. That is why almost all traders look for forex brokers that offer the lowest spreads because spreads can affect their profits and losses! The bigger the spread, the lower your profit – because you have to "pay" this type of commission to your broker.

Now, do you feel that your current spreads are too wide? Or maybe you just don’t want to worry about spreads anymore? If so, you can switch to a Zero Spread Forex account! But, what is a Zero Spread Forex account, why is it important for your trades, and what are the benefits of using it?

What is Zero Spread Forex account?

As the name suggests, this account offers zero spread; however, that doesn’t mean it is always zero, it starts from 0 pip and stays below 1 pip.

Now the question is, if the spread is a way for brokers to earn money, then how can they offer a Zero Spread account? Brokers that offer floating spreads, do so based on the fact that zero spread does not always mean 0 pip. So, they can still earn money but from a lower spread amount. Meanwhile, brokers that offer fixed spreads usually charge a fixed commission per lot for their service.

The Zero Spread Forex account usually uses either ECN or STP process. In Straight through Processing, the orders are immediately passed to the liquidity providers, whereas ECN provides direct access to the Forex market.

What are the benefits of a Zero Spread Forex account?

If brokers can still earn money through smaller spreads and fixed commissions, then why should we use a Zero Spread Forex account? Well, as it turns out that there are advantages to using this account type:

1. Real pricing

One of the best advantages of using a Zero Spread Forex account is its real pricing, with no alteration or manipulation. So you can focus on your trading without worrying about markup or manipulated pricing.

2. More accurate entry and exit levels

If you get real pricing, then you would know in advance your entry and exit levels when you open a position. You would also know how much you need to pay as well as how to calculate your profits and losses easily. So, every trade is under your control.

3. Faster order execution

This account type uses both STP and ECN processes with direct access to the market, so the orders can be executed faster compared to other Standard accounts. That is why Zero Spread accounts are ideal for traders who prefer high-speed trading.

4. All trading strategies

Using this account, you are more flexible in choosing your strategies since it allows all trading strategies. The more deals you conduct, the more money the brokers earn. This is one of the reasons why a Zero Spread account is suitable for high-frequency traders, i.e., scalpers.

Zero Spread Forex Brokers

Forex brokers use other means to compensate for the low spreads in a Zero Spread account. For example, they require a higher amount of initial deposit such as 200 USD or charge a higher commission (e.g., 5 - 20 USD) per standard lot traded.

Nevertheless, there are only a few brokers that truly have close-to-zero-pip spreads. That is why you should carefully choose the best Zero Spread broker for your trades. Do not be tempted by the zero spread and make sure that all the other fees are reasonable without any markup or other hidden costs.

We know that choosing a trusted Forex broker can be a hassle, so we took the liberty of choosing some of the most reputable Zero Spread Forex brokers for your convenience.
fbs South Africa
As a top-notch Forex service provider, regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) of Belize, FBS offers various account types, including a Zero Spread account. This account is designed for traders who prefer trading at the fastest speed. The company also offers a fixed 0 pip spread in Forex, metals, and Forex exotic, with a commission, starting from 20 USD per lot.

To start trading at FBS, you need to deposit a minimum of 500 USD, then you can enjoy leverage up to 1:3000, a minimum volume order of 0.01 lots, and market execution STP from 0.3 seconds on the MT4 platform. This account also comes with negative balance protection for an added layer of security in addition to a Demo option for practice.

Payment methods: Bank wire, Credit Cards, Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, PerfectMoney

Regulations: CySEC, ASIC, IFSC, FSCA
Country: Cyprus
Founded: 2009

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